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Our goal is to involve kids and others across the nation in finding cures for the most devastating childhood diseases. The first step is education. Through the Generation Cures website, we aim to increase students' awareness about how illness impacts the lives of others and the process of scientific research with a special focus on how researchers and doctors search for treatments and cures for diseases.

By doing things they already love -- playing online games and watching web-based stories and videos -- we invite students who participate in Generation Cures to think about opportunities to share with others and recognize that they have the power to affect change in bold new way.

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  • Getting Started with Lessons and Activities

    Our lesson plans and activities have been developed by the Learning Games Network, a non-profit organization committed to developing and supporting new and emerging media, especially digital games, in education. Working in partnership with designers from the MIT Education Arcade and FableVision, the Learning Games Network is mapping the creative digital content found on the Generation Cures website to state and national learning goals in Grades 3-8, creating supplemental materials for teachers to use in their more formal curricula.

    Sample lesson plans and activities are designed to be supplemental, enabling teachers to easily integrate individual lessons into existing instruction plans.

    All Grades-Writing Cards to Patients MS Word .docx file Adobe .pdf file
    Language Arts
    Grade 3-4-Characters-Zebrafish 1 MS Word .docx file Adobe .pdf file
    Grade 3-4-Synonyms-Zebrafish 2 MS Word .docx file Adobe .pdf file
    Grade 5-Plot-Zebrafish 1 MS Word .docx file Adobe .pdf file
    Grade 5-Word Origins MS Word .docx file Adobe .pdf file
    Grade 5-6-Character Mapping-Zebrafish 4 MS Word .docx file Adobe .pdf file
    Grade 5-6-Dramatic-Zebrafish 6 MS Word .docx file Adobe .pdf file
    Grade 6-Persuasive Writing-Caduceus 3 MS Word .docx file Adobe .pdf file
    Grade 3-Multiples of Ten-Zebrafish 6 MS Word .docx file Adobe .pdf file
    Grade 3-4-Ratios-Caduceus 3 MS Word .docx file Adobe .pdf file
    Grade 6-Logic-Caduceus 2 MS Word .docx file Adobe .pdf file
    Grade 3-5-Metamorphosis-Zebrafish 5 MS Word .docx file Adobe .pdf file
    Grade 5-Pathogens-Caduceus 1 MS Word .docx file Adobe .pdf file
    Grade 5-Producing Sound-Zebrafish 2 MS Word .docx file Adobe .pdf file
    Grade 6-Bees-Zebrafish 5 MS Word .docx file Adobe .pdf file
    Grade 6-Cells-Zebrafish 3 MS Word .docx file Adobe .pdf file
    Grade 6-Newton's 1st & 2nd Laws-Zebrafish 7 MS Word .docx file Adobe .pdf file
    Grade 6-Newton's 3rd Law-Zebrafish 7 MS Word .docx file Adobe .pdf file
    Grade 6-Sound Waves MS Word .docx file Adobe .pdf file
    Grade 6-Topography-Zebrafish 4 MS Word .docx file Adobe .pdf file

    We are constantly developing new materials, so check back frequently or, if you have a recommendation for new lessons or activities, send us a request.

    If you've developed your own lessons and want to share them with others, send them along and we'll post them to the website with acknowledgement to you and your school!


  • Getting Started with Class Fundraising Projects

    We hope students are inspired by the mission of Generation Cures and rally to support the important pediatric medical research at Children's Hospital Boston. While our content and resources are free, we aim to work with classrooms and families to raise money that goes directly to supporting doctors and researchers in the hospital's labs and operating rooms.

    Kids helping kids. That's what we're all about. We've made it easy to organize class fundraising projects, whether it's an online "Game for Good" tournament -- or game-a-thon -- or a local fundraiser inspired by what kids learn through the site. Once you register and set up your class roster, follow our step-by-step guide to create an online class fundraiser. You'll be ready to go in no time.

  • Professional Development

    The Learning Games Network will be conducting online and local professional development workshops through the winter/spring 2010. Professional Development Points (PDP) may be awarded through the MIT Teacher Education Program. Announcements will be made on the site and through notifications to all teachers registered at Generation Cures. To be notified of local and online professional development activities, send us an e-mail.

  • Students and Online Safety

    Working with online resources in the classroom, especially in elementary and middle school, can engage and inspire students in exciting new ways. It also provides an opportunity to educate them about responsible online behavior.

    If you're interested in learning more or providing information to parents who may have questions about how to teach their kids to be safe and responsible in a digital world, check out the following resources:

    The Center on Media and Child Health, Children's Hospital Boston

    New Media Literacies, University of Southern California, Annenberg School of Communication

    IKeepSafe Internet Safety Coalition

About Generation Cures

Founded by Children's Hospital Boston, Generation Cures is all about teaching and empowering kids to give back.

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